DMS System Status Dealertrack CDK Dominion Reynolds and Reynolds

Dealertrack DMS Opentrack Integration Certified Partner        Dealertrack is currently operational.

Dealertrack DMS Opentrack Integration Certified Partner        CDK Update now available!

Instructions to update your software:
1: Close and re-open Parts Wizard.
2: When re-opening you should be prompted to upgrade your software.
3: Accept the upgrade prompt and let the system complete the upgrade.
4: Verify Parts Wizard has upgraded to version 26.1.12 (Upper left corner)
5: Close & re-open Parts Wizard again to restet the system. (IMPORTANT)
6: Do a download. Once complete, you are ready to use Parts Wizard as normal.

Dominion DMS       Dominion is currently operational.

Reynolds and Reynolds       Reynolds and Reynolds is currently operational.