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Parts Wizard is designed to give you multiple options to better fit your needs.
Take full control of billing, receipting, and inventory management.
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We provide you with a simple to use system that puts YOU in control of your inventory! Work with confidence knowing that Parts Wizard is there for you every step of the way!

✓ Stay up to date by using the latest phone-like Android scanners that are compact and easy to use.

✓ Wifi connected devices allows you to make changes in real-time from anywhere in the network.

✓ Out of range? No worries! Our scanners retain all of your scans until the connection is re-established.

✓ Mobile printer gives you the flexibility to print on the fly and not be tied down to the desk.

Parts Wizard can make your operations more profitable. Save time, Save money, Reduce errors, and Generate more profit and customer satisfaction.

Parts Wizard Features & Benefits


  • • Manufacturer Specific Shipment Numbers
  • • Wireless Android Scanner
  • • Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Printer
  • • Bin Checks in Real Time
  • • Physical Inventory
  • • Perpetual Inventory in Real Time
  • • Print SORs from Scanner
  • • Efficient Reporting in Real Time
  • • Not-Posted & Posted Reporting
    • Over/Short Discrepancy Analysis
  • • Scan over 50 Manufacturers
  • • Scan either part number or superseded part number (PNC)
  • • Create Barcode Labels for Any Bin from the Scanner or PC
  • • Create Barcode Labels for Any Part Number
  • • Print bin labels individually or as a batch
  • • Scan AC Delco Barcodes
  • • Scan Motorcraft Barcodes
  • • Use as many scanners as you need to increase efficiency.
  • • Update bin locations in real-time
  • • Create a List of Parts
  • • Parts Look-up for any active number in inventory
    • Order fulfillment
    • Zone Mapping
    • Picking Labels
    • Parts Billing
    • Price Tagging for Accessories


    • • LIVE Posting accelerates order check-in time!
    • • Real Time Reporting
    • • SOR Labels print immediately after scan
    • • Increase efficiency by at least 50%
    • • Reduce Human Error
    • • Audio Notifications from Scanner
    • • Have much better control over Inventory
    • • Use Scanners for Physical Inventory to save HOURS!
    • • Multiple Label Colors to Fit your preferences
      • Never Pull the wrong part
      • Save time and steps
      • Manage off-site locations

Parts Wizard Extras

Pick-It Wizard
Pick-It Wizard


Fulfill orders in 50% less time while increasing accuracy! It's an ROI dream come true!

Point-of-Sale Wizard
POS Wizard


Affordable Point-Of-Sale system for your DMS  to create the ease & efficiency you have always wanted!