Scan Solutions - Vehicle Wizard

Vehicle Wizard is designed to give you multiple options to better fit your needs,
keeping you in the drivers seat for inventory control, locating, and tagging.
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Vehicle Wizard from Scan Solutions provides you with a simple to use system inventory management system that puts YOU in control of your inventory! Work with confidence knowing that Vehicle Wizard is there for you every step of the way!

✓ Download your entire inventory in seconds while refreshing your inventory allows you to add new inventory to scanning process without having to start over.

✓ Multiple user roles available for your dealership needs. Such as Director role, Dealership manager, and standard user for just scanning.

✓  Scan and upload newly arrived vehicles on your lot to the DMS and utilize Lot History to track a specific VIN’s scan history.

✓  Scan by lot location and update the DMS and track the last date a vehicle was scanned and update in DMS.

✓ Label stock and key fob tags conveniently and easily.

Vehicle Wizard is an inventory management system with features that make it a must have for any dealer! Locate your vehicles while scanning with our integrated GPS. Scan history, tracks when and where the vehicle has been. Color coding for quickly identifying which vehicles you have printed stock labels for already. Save time, Save money, Reduce errors and Generate more profit and customer satisfaction.

Vehicle Wizard Features & Benefits


  • • Offered in 3 Packages! Lite, Plus, and Pro!
  • • Handheld Android Scanner Provided with Plus Package
  • • Compatible with 50+ Manufactures
  • • Integrates with Multiple DMS Platforms
  • • Mobile Apps available with Pro for multiple users
  • • Vehicle Wizard Pro integrates with Apple iOS and Android Devices
  • • Customer Friendly User-Interface
  • • Print Stock Tags and Key tags for all inventory
  • • Print forms and Buyer's Guides
  • • Printable and Exportable Web-Based Reporting
  • • All, Scanned, Missing, and Extra Inventory reports
  • • Live Updates to PC and DMS
  • • Scan, Track, & Locate inventory units from scanner & mobile apps
  • • Locate with GPS on Apple Maps and Google Maps
  • • Use Director Roles to manage multiple locations
  • • Track all stock numbers and VIN numbers within the DMS
  • • Track Arrival Dates
  • • Track Year/Make/Model/Trim/Color/Miles from web-based system
  • • Update Last Scanned Date
  • • Update Lot Location
  • • Note taking ability
  • • Lot and Scan History for each unit
  • • CSV Import for Inventory
  • • Check in units as they arrive
  • • Add vehicles to DMS


    • • Save time doing inventory by 50%!
    • • Less people doing the same job
    • • Always know where your inventory is located and when something   is missing
    • • GPS Locating to save time looking for vehicles
    • • Weatherproof stock tags and key tags to prevent handwriting tags
    • • Wireless mobile scanners eliminate the need for clipboards and    manual entry
    • • QR code stock tags for customers to access website
    • • Mobile Apps for multiple employee access