Vehicle Wizard - Pro

Vehicle Wizard Pro

The full inventory management system that helps manage your lots via our mobile apps, GPS location, multiple inventory reports, scannable tags for vehicles and key tags, and much more! This web-based system has access to our Vehicle Wizard applications on Apple iOS and Android devices. Seat options available for 10, 20, or unlimited users. Desktop label printer also included to print off vehicle stock and key fob tags!

✓ Download your entire inventory in seconds while refreshing your inventory allows you to add new inventory to scanning process without having to start over.

✓ Multiple user roles available for your dealership needs. Such as Director role, Dealership manager, standard users just for scanning.

✓ Scan and upload newly arrived vehicles on your lot to the DMS and utilize Lot History to track a specific VIN’s scan history.

✓ Scan by lot location and update the DMS and track the last date a vehicle was scanned and update in DMS.

✓ Label stock and key fob tags conveniently and easily.

Android/iOS Compatible
Android & iOS Compatible Devices
• Pinpoint vehicle location with Apple Maps or Google Maps.
• Use your own smart device - phone or tablet.
• Utilizes Wi-Fi or cellular connections to update the DMS and reports live as you scan.

Printing Options

• Desktop printer for labels, stock tags & key tags!
• Use these tags to also inventory your key box.
• Print buyers guides & customizable forms with your local printer.

Vehicle Labels
Custom Vehicle Labels • Weatherproof stock labels for vehicles, keys, books and deal jackets.
• Add QR & barcodes to labels allowing customers to scan and be directed to your website.
• Locate asset details & location with their personal device.
 Mobile Apps
Universal Mobile Apps

• Scan VIN to check-in assets to inventory.
• View full inventory asset lists.
• Automatically filters by manufacturer.
• See VIN specific unit details and location.

Simple Web-based Reporting
Simple Web-based Reporting
• View all reports from any connected device.
• Utilize reports such as a Missing, All Scanned, Extra-scanned and Overall summary.
• Multiple reporting options – no need to go to the DMS.
• Set vehicle status and attach notes.
• Search for any asset by VIN, stock number and more.

GPS Location Tracking
GPS Vehicle Location Tracking
• Never lose another vehicle!
• Utilize our GPS locating features to track the last place a vehicle was scanned.
• Compatible with Apple Maps and Google Maps!

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