The Smart Choice

Finally! An affordable Point-Of-Sale system for your DMS (Dealer Management System) to create the ease and efficiency you have always wanted! Labeling, will increase sales by taking the guess work out. Customers now make the buying decision themselves and do not add a burden on your staff to answer pricing questions.

Easy and Efficient

Save time and increase accuracy with a quick, simple, scan, to keep your inventory accurate at all times. Integrates with most inventory and DMS's (Dealer Management Systems). Contact us to start your saving today!

Our Features

Increase your accuracy and efficiency by using our Point-Of-Sale scanner to assist you in charging out your items.

  • Wireless scanner gives you the freedom to move around without being tied down to a cord.
  • Convenient docking cradle, charges and transmits the scans to the pc with one simple device.
  • Labels have an option to set a manufacture prefix on parts to charge correctly on tickets.
  • System comes with a 3-year warranty to keep you going.
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