Parts Wizard - Diamond

Parts Wizard DiamondParts Wizard DIAMOND can make your operations more profitable. Save time, money, and reduce errors. Generate more profit and customer satisfaction. It is all yours with the DealerTrack scanning system.

✓ Fast, accurate, and simple check-ins.

✓ Scans parts directly to counter tickets.

✓ Receive parts in real-time as you scan as well as scan and add parts directly to your counter tickets.

✓ Pick/pull invoices more efficiently with seamless, fast bin locating while accomplishing bin counts in less than half the time.

✓ Label and sort parts in a simple, one-touch process.

✓ Technicians and drivers now have access to parts before the check-in process is even finished.

Rugged Parts Scanner
Rugged Parts Scanner
• Android operating system with smartphone - like screen.
• Integrated 1D/2D barcode scanning and RFID/NFC reading capabilities.
• Secondary battery in trigger handle for extended use
• Completely wireless - 4G LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capable.

Slide-in Trigger Handle

• Slide-in Trigger Handle w/ Embedded 4500mAh Rechargeable Battery
• AC/DC Charger
• US/EU/UK Plugs

Additional Benefits

Additinoal Menu Screens

• Automatic order/inventory downloads.
• Automatic special-order sheet printing.
• Audio notifications while scanning to prevent bad scans or other confusing scenarios.
• Create cross-references with the scanner.
• Parts Lookup allows you to look up locations, descriptions and on-hand counts with the scanner.
• Create & export parts lists with the scanner.
Web-based Reporting
• Shows any errors you need to resolve. Multiple posting options – no need to go to the DMS.
• Color codes denote unknown parts, unscanned parts, and quantity discrepancies.
• Clear scans and adjust scan quantities.
• All part information readily available.

Wireless USB Parts Scanner
Wireless USB Parts Scanner
• Allow your counter persons to quicky scan parts manufacturer labels to directly bill them to your RO’s!
• Our wireless Bluetooth scanners can scan parts within 50ft of the PC.

Desktop Label Printer
Desktop Label Printer
• Desktop printers available! Use the printer to manage an accessory area to put price tags on T-shirts, coffee mugs, keychains, and much more!

SOR Label Information
Special Order Labels
Label Special Order Parts with our Desktop Printer!
• Information on SOR Labels will include:
   • Customer Name
   • Part Number
   • Part Description
   • Order/Control# information
   • Counter Person that placed order
   • Invoice / RO #
   • On-Order Quantity
   • Customer P.O.#

Wireless Mobile Printer
Wireless Mobile Label Printer
Bluetooth printing connection.
• High-definition labeling.
• Auto-peel feature for faster labeling.
• Rugged construction designed to pass 7ft drop tests.

Picking Label Information
Picking Labels
• Our picking labels are specifically designed with you in mind.
• All pertinent information necessary is available at your fingertips.

Tabletop Printer
Table-top Thermal Printer
Tabletop Thermal Printer
• Industrial grade
• High-capacity
• Whisper quiet

Zone Mapping

Warehouse Zone Mapping
• Zone Mapping allows you to pick and pull invoices in the most efficient way possible!
• Mapping helps navigate you through different warehouses more efficiently than hunting line by line on the invoice.
• Pulling from both sides of the isle will reduce the number of steps you take instantly increases efficiency.
Picking Report for Order Fulfillment

Order Fullfillment Pick Report
Pulling directly from DealerTrack’s staging system, our reporting allows you to see all staging invoices, while also getting LIVE notifications when new ones are generated.
• Customize, sort, and filter ALL columns on the reports to fit your needs!

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Parts Wizard Tiers

Parts Wizard Extras

Pick-It Wizard
Pick-It Wizard


Fulfill orders in 50% less time while increasing accuracy! It's an ROI dream come true!

Point-of-Sale Wizard
POS Wizard


Affordable Point-Of-Sale system for your DMS  to create the ease & efficiency you have always wanted!