Parts Wizard - Silver

Parts Wizard SilverWith Parts Wizard Silver, you can streamline your order processing, improve efficiency, and better serve your customers, all while keeping costs manageable. Get started today and experience the difference firsthand!

✓ Fast, accurate, and simple check-ins.

✓ Receive parts in real-time as you scan.

✓ Label and sort parts in a simple, one-touch process.

✓ Technicians and drivers now have access to parts before the check-in process is even finished.

✓ Seamless and fast bin locating.

Wireless USB Parts Scanner
Parts Scanner
• Handheld wireless scanner for optimal use!
• Vibration to confirm scans in noisy areas.
• Scan up to 50+ feet from PC.

Desktop Label Printer
Label Printer
• 3x1.75-inch part label for maximum info!
• Simple USB to PC Connection.
• High-definition labeling.

SOR Label Information
Special Order Label
Label Special Order Parts with our Desktop Printer!
• Information on SOR Labels will include:
   • Customer Name
   • Part Number
   • Part Description
   • Order/Control# information
   • Counter Person that placed order
   • Invoice / RO #
   • On-Order Quantity
   • Customer P.O.#

Web Based Reporting
Web-based Report
• Any errors you need to resolve display as RED lines.
• GREEN lines to display parts that have been posted.
• Multiple posting options – no need to go to the DMS.
• Clear and adjust scan quantities.

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Parts Wizard Tiers

Parts Wizard Extras

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