Parts Wizard - Platinum

Parts Wizard PlatinumParts Wizard PLATINUM can save you time, reduce employee expense, turn more hours in service, improve customer satisfaction and generate more profit!

✓ Fast, accurate, and simple check-ins.

✓ Scans parts directly to counter tickets.

✓ Receive parts in real-time as you scan as well as scan and add parts directly to your counter tickets.

✓ Label and sort parts in a simple, one-touch process.

✓ Technicians and drivers now have access to parts before the check-in process is even finished.

✓ Seamless and fast bin locating.

Rugged Parts Scanner
Parts Scanner
• Android operating system with smartphone - like screen.
• Integrated 1D/2D barcode scanning and RFID/NFC reading capabilities.
• Secondary battery in trigger handle for extended use
• Completely wireless - 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth capable.

Slide-In Trigger Handle
Trigger Handle for Scanner
• Slide-In Trigger Handle w/ Embedded 4500mAh Rechargeable Battery
• AC/DC Charger
• US/EU/UK Plugs

Additional Benefits

• Automatic order/inventory downloads.
• Automatic special-order sheet printing.
• Audio notifications while scanning to prevent bad scans or other confusing scenarios.
• Create cross-references with the scanner.
• Parts Lookup allows you to look up locations, descriptions and on-hand counts with the scanner.
• Create & export parts lists with the scanner.
Web-based Reporting
• Shows any errors you need to resolve. Multiple posting options – no need to go to the DMS.
• Color codes denote unknown parts, unscanned parts, and quantity discrepancies.
• Clear scans and adjust scan quantities.
• All part information readily available.

Wireless USB Parts Scanner
Point of Sale Scanner
• Allow your counter persons to quicky scan parts manufacturer labels to directly bill them to your RO’s!
• Our wireless Bluetooth scanners can scan parts within 50ft of the PC.

Desktop Label Printer
Desktop Label Printer
• Desktop printers available! Use the printer to manage an accessory area to put price tags on T-shirts, coffee mugs, keychains, and much more!

SOR Label Information
Special Order Label
Label Special Order Parts with our Desktop Printer!
• Information on SOR Labels will include:
   • Customer Name
   • Part Number
   • Part Description
   • Order/Control# information
   • Counter Person that placed order
   • Invoice / RO #
   • On-Order Quantity
   • Customer P.O.#
Wireless Mobile Printer
Wireless Mobile Printer
Bluetooth connection.
• High-definition labeling.
• Auto-peel feature for faster labeling.
• Rugged construction designed to pass 7ft drop tests.

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