The Wise Choice

We partnered with DealerTrack DMS to create a order fulfilment system designed with dealership wholesale management in mind. Fulfill orders in 50% less time while increasing accuracy in the process. It's an ROI dream come true!

Let The Scanner Be Your Guide

Instantly increase accuracy and efficiency with our scanner guiding you al the way! Designed to reduce steps and pick correctly 100% of the time. Handle large volume of parts without a thought, by labeling each part as it's picked. Now distribute to your trucks or staging area without ever touching an invoice. Contact us to find out how Pick-It Wizard can save you!

Our Features

Order fulfillment has never been easier! Have our scanner guide you through the picking process and never pick the wrong part again!

  • Scanner designed for picking accuracy of 100% every time! Keeping your inventory correct.
  • Let the scanner guide you through your warehouse in the fewest steps possible. Instantly creating the efficiency you always wanted.
  • Labeling parts as they are picked allows for quick sorting at your staging area or onto delivery trucks.
  • Delivery drivers now have every part tagged to increase accuracy.
  • The final piece. Your customer has the correct PO on every part and does not require you to add additional labeling.
  • Don't wait! Start saving time and money by requesting a demo today!
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